Endodontic treatments cover all aspects of repairing and treating a tooth, the inside of which is damaged or has a high risk of damage.
These types of treatments, mainly surgical, prevent or treat tooth root infections, clear their canals, thus preventing a number of further complications.
While all endodontists are dentists, only 3% of dentists are endodontists.

What happens after canal treatment?

Once the procedure is complete, your dentist may be able to resume tooth reconstruction and other procedures within a few days. To make sure the teeth are protected, your dentist will decide which type of reconstruction is right for your case. It can be simple filling, screw filling or sheath

Complications during endodontic treatments or endodontic surgery are rare. However, if necessary, our doctors are available to respond to your requests. Usually endodontic treatment costs much less than tooth extraction and urea or implant replacement.

Endodontic treatment

Any tooth treated by the endodontist can last just as long as other natural teeth as long as it receives proper care. However problems may continue to exist even after endodontic treatment as a result of the failure and the patient continues to have discomfort. In these cases the annoyance can continue for months or even years. It may also happen that the patient does not feel any discomfort but the infection becomes visible on the radiograph. In these cases re-treatment is necessary.

Causes of canal treatment failure can be:

  • Narrow or inverted canals are not well cleaned during initial treatment
  • The canals were not found at all and as a result were not cleaned during the initial treatment
  • After canal treatment, the tooth has not been repositioned in a timely manner
  • Poor filling of the filling or sheath has caused contamination of the inside of the tooth

Even after the treatment is done in the right way there are cases when the infection can appear later. Such cases are:

  • When new caries can cause canal filling exposure by contaminating the canal system
  • When the crown or filling is broken or torn

In order to reach the canals, the dentist must remove the filling or crown and start cleaning the canals again. The cavity is provisionally closed with a temporary paste. To complete the tooth reconstruction you will need to return to the dentist another day.

In our clinic you will find all endodontic services starting from the treatment of dental nerves, the treatment of canals as well as dental care.

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Lini të dhënat tuaja dhe ne do ju kontaktojmë