• Removable prostheses: By the term “removable prosthesis” we mean all prostheses that can replace all or part of the jaw. They are called removable as they can be easily removed and washed by the patient. Removable prostheses are divided into:
  1. Total denture: A total denture is placed when the patient has no teeth in the oral cavity. It consists of a bearing structure with acrylic resin and resin teeth, which is held to the patient’s jaw. This prosthesis respects the patient’s profile and chewing functions. It is called total mobile as it can be removed by the patient and washed at any time of the day. To place this type of prosthesis the patient must have a certain amount of bone so that it stays in place naturally.
  2. Partial denture: The partial denture is anchored to the remaining teeth with wire braces. It is composed of an acrylic resin structure and resin teeth.
  3. Skeleton prosthesis: is a partial prosthesis with a metal support structure
    Skeleton prosthesis with attachment: is a mixed prosthesis which consists of pillar elements such as the teeth that are placed in the case, a skeletal prosthesis with metal brackets, which make this type of prosthesis to be stable but also for the patient to have the opportunity remove it and place it yourself at any time of the day.
  4. Molded screw: is a type of metal screw which is prepared in the laboratory and placed at the root of the teeth. This screw gives the tooth more stability in case the tooth consists only of the root.