Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with the study of the growth of teeth, jaws and face, but also with the study and treatment of the bite disorder (crooked teeth-irregular bite). The word orthodontics originates from the Greek language, from the words orthos-straight or regular, and from the word odus-tooth. Bites can occur for genetic reasons, or be caused by external factors. They can appear as a disorder of the alignment of the teeth, poor ratio of teeth and / or jaws, disorder of the ratios between the jaws, etc.

Edward Angle, an American dentist, who was the first to not only establish Orthodontics as a new specialty, but also made a major contribution to the further development of orthodontics. He is considered the “Father of Orthodontics”.

Orthodontics later developed during the twentieth century, especially in the first years of this century. New techniques and modern materials have improved the whole process, both from a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view.

Orthodontics for children


The best solution is for children to visit the orthodontist regularly from the age of 7, so that he can check and give an opinion on the possible orthodontic treatment (if there are problems). The first permanent molars (first tooth) and incisors (4 front teeth) that have usually come out by this age enable the assessment of eventual problems. When treatment is started early, the orthodontist can orient the jaw growth and the eruption of permanent teeth.

Early treatment may:

  1. – Adjust the width of the upper and lower arches
  2. – Create space for permanent teeth
  3. – Eliminate the need for extraction (removal) of permanent teeth
  4. – Reduce the chance of tooth impact (when teeth get stuck in the jaw and do not come out)
  5. – Eliminate the habit of finger sucking
  6. – Eliminate abnormal swallowing
  7. – To fix speech problems, etc.
  8. -Early planning can save you a smile in the future

Children grow up fast and can benefit greatly from orthodontic treatments with the help of appliances, which guide jaw growth. This way a good foundation can be created, which provides the right space for all the permanent teeth. This can prevent the extraction (removal) of permanent teeth and can correct the density and / or surgical procedures. If these situations are left untreated until the moment of permanent teeth eruption, there can be such a consequence of such a large discrepancy of the jaws that even with fixed therapy it can be difficult to achieve a good result.

  • Orthodontics for adults.


    Orthodontic treatments can be applied at any age. Adults appreciate the beautiful smile even more. One in five orthodontic patients is over 21 years old. Jaw surgeries are needed more often in adults, because their jaws have stopped growing. Adults may have experienced any damage, or loss of teeth and bone structure surrounding them, and may need periodontal treatment (for gums and surrounding structure), before, during, or after orthodontic treatment. Bone loss can also limit the amount and direction of desired tooth movement.

    Another very valuable role of orthodontic treatment, is the help in the case of prosthetic patients. These types of treatments prepare (strengthen) the teeth for prosthetic constructions.

    Determination of medical treatment

    The orthodontic data file is needed to determine the type of treatment, the devices to be used, the duration of the treatment and the frequency of visits. Data includes: dental models, maxillofacial and dental radiographs (panoramax), and photographs. In special cases Cephalometry (radiography of the head in profile) is also required.

Photos From Patients

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