Pedodontia is the dental sector that takes care of children’s teeth.

Attention is paid to preventing tooth decay caused by caries through oral cavity hygiene education, proper diet tips, fluoride application and dental silanization.

For the very nature and fragility of children, this discipline requires not only professionalism, but also a friendly approach to them. Therefore in our clinic, after their treatment, we reward your little ones for the courage and patience shown. By combining maximum care and delicacy towards our young patients, with the use of the latest technologies, we ensure an efficient treatment of problems such as, tooth extraction, filling and any other need.

The first visits to the dentist should start around the age of 2 years.
The key is for the child to get acquainted with the clinic and become familiar with the dentist. His first experiences will be simple and friendly. Throughout these years of clinical experience, we have proven that if children leave the clinic happy, all family members turn into lifelong patients.
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Lini të dhënat tuaja dhe ne do ju kontaktojmë

Lini të dhënat tuaja dhe ne do ju kontaktojmë